Polythene Mailers

Polythene Mailers

Grey opaque weatherproof polythene mailing bags.

Strong, self-seal, peel-off strip.

Excellent tear and puncture resistance.

Made from lightweight high-grade polythene.

Ideal for eCommerce and mail order sales and selling on Amazon or eBay - keeps postage costs low.

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Polythene Envelopes 165x230mm;Pack Quantity: 100

Polythene Envelopes 165x230mm

Pack Quantity: 100

Product Code: BN-OP1270175


Polythene Mailers 170x230mm;Pack Quantity: 2000

Polythene Mailers 170x230mm

Pack Quantity: 2000

Product Code: CT-MAILERS-GRY-A


Polythene Envelopes 235x310mm;Pack Quantity: 100

Polythene Envelopes 235x310mm

Pack Quantity: 100

Product Code: BN-OP1270176


Polythene Mailers 230x310mm;Pack Quanity: 1000

Polythene Mailers 230x310mm

Pack Quanity: 1000

Product Code: CT-MAILERS-GRY-B


Polythene Envelopes 440x320mm;Pack Quantity: 100

Polythene Envelopes 440x320mm

Pack Quantity: 100

Product Code: BN-OP1270178


Polythene Mailers 250x350mm;Pack Quantity: 1000

Polythene Mailers 250x350mm

Pack Quantity: 1000

Product Code: CT-MAILERS-GRY-C


Polythene Envelopes 335x430mm;Pack Quantity: 100

Polythene Envelopes 335x430mm

Pack Quantity: 100

Product Code: BN-OP1270177


Polythene Envelopes 460x430mm;Pack Quantity: 100

Polythene Envelopes 460x430mm

Pack Quantity: 100

Product Code: BN-OP1270179


Polythene Mailers 320x440mm;Pack Quantity: 500

Polythene Mailers 320x440mm

Pack Quantity: 500

Product Code: CT-MAILERS-GRY-D


Polythene Mailers 350x500mm;Pack Quantity: 500

Polythene Mailers 350x500mm

Pack Quantity: 500

Product Code: CT-MAILERS-GRY-E


Polythene Mailers 425x600mm;Pack Quantity: 500

Polythene Mailers 425x600mm

Pack Quantity: 500

Product Code: CT-MAILERS-GRY-F


Polythene Mailers 550x750mm;Pack Quantity: 250

Polythene Mailers 550x750mm

Pack Quantity: 250

Product Code: CT-MAILERS-GRY-G


Polythene Mailers 700x850mm;Pack Quantity: 200

Polythene Mailers 700x850mm

Pack Quantity: 200

Product Code: CT-MAILERS-GRY-H


Polythene Mailers 850x980mm;Pack Quantity: 150

Polythene Mailers 850x980mm

Pack Quantity: 150

Product Code: CT-MAILERS-GRY-I


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